Starting Seeds with Nanodome

Starting seeds indoors is a lot of fun, and it’s really easy to do when you have the right equipment. And here at Anderson’s Seed and Garden, we’ve got a little bit of everything to help you be successful inside whether you’re starting tomatoes, microgreens, or just sprouting seeds indoors.

One of my very favorite tools is called the Nanodome. It comes with a tray, a greenhouse dome with vents on top, and a light source. It has an eighteen-inch fluorescent bulb that just fills the entire dome with light. You can grow just about whatever you want in here.

We have basil on one side and lettuce on the other, and we’re going to grow them as microgreens. It takes about 3-4 weeks to get those tall enough and you can start trimming them and put them in salads and eating them. You can put them on sandwiches. There’s a lot of different things you can do with them.


A full spectrum bulb generates just a little bit of heat to help the seeds germinate. And with the vents on here as well, too, it allows a little bit of air circulation also. A great way to start all kinds of seeds indoors. I can start tomato seeds in my Nanodome in about five days. I can have those germinated up and ready to transplant into four-inch pots in about three weeks. So it doesn’t take very long to have those ready and able to transplant outside in five weeks or less.

With the included light fixture, you can grow them in the pantry or the back room. If you’re looking for a light source to keep your plants looking good inside, we’ve got all kinds of different sized fixtures. They start at eighteen inches and go up to four feet and we’ve got stands to hold them so you can take care of your indoor plants. You can do herbs inside. Nice to have that extra light source indoors when there’s not a whole lot of light outside.

Hydrofarm Jump Start

This is one of my favorite growing systems. It’s called a Jumpstart and it comes in a little small window box like this. So this will fit on a ledge in the window, but it comes in some larger sizes as well, too. This model comes with 12 pellets. Thirty-six and seventy-two pellets are available as well.

With these pellets, add water and they will absorb the moisture. They will expand and become a perfect environment for germinating seeds.

I like these because you don’t have to worry about disturbing the roots when you’re transplanting. If they’re in a larger container of soil, you have to dig them up and disturb the root system. With these, the roots will grow just right in these little self-contained pellets and the roots will start growing outside of the pellets. When you see a plethora of roots coming out, you know it’s time to transplant them into a larger container.

The great thing about these is they are small and easy to work with. You can put it right on top of your refrigerator or on top of the water heater to get those plants to germinate where it’s nice and warm. And once the seeds germinate and start coming up, then you can move it to a brighter lit location or you can use artificial lights on it as well.

Additional Lighting

Some of our customers need more light. They often choose a 4ft light fixture. They put off a ton of light. You could start four trays of plants underneath a light system like this because it puts out so much light.

This year we’ve got LED lights as well, too. So this is a LED fixture and it puts out just as much light as the fluorescent ones do, but it uses so much less electricity. The LEDs last longer are going to get close to fifty thousand hours out of these LEDs. They don’t ever burn out and use minimal electricity, we’re only talking 18 watts of electricity for his much light coming out of of of one grow light. And it has the right spectrum of light that the plants will enjoy.

Here at  Anderson’s Seed and Garden, we’ve got a lot of different options, whether it’s lighting or growing systems. If you want to create an indoor garden in your kitchen, add herbs and lettuces too. We’ve got all the materials, the seeds, the soil, and lights that you need to be successful growing indoors and to produce a garden or your seedlings inside.