The Best Varieties of Grass

There are many times during the year where you can plant grass and be successful. My favorite time to plant grass is in the fall, usually from about the latter part of July through about mid-September, because the soil is warm and it germinates fast.

Any time our soil temperatures start to warm up (around mid April), when the leaves start popping out of the trees, that’s a great time to start planting grass seed. This period continues through October. What’s interesting is how different a lot of the varieties of grass are and how they work.

Anderson Select

This is our Anderson’s Select, which is a blend of five hybrid cultivars of grass. The blades are a little bit smaller than what it would be out in the yard, but we’ve been growing in a greenhouse. As the grass matures and we start to cut it, it will start to get thicker. A Kentucky Bluegrass blade is probably an eighth of an inch wide. It’s not a wide-bladed grass, but it’s soft. When you walk on it and you walk kind of barefoot, it’s really soft and nice. It’s not pokey and it’s just beautiful.

Magic Carpet

This middle sample is our Magic Carpet mix, which is a blend of four hybrid bluegrass species. The difference between our Anderson’s Select  and the Magic Carpet is the later being a little bit less expensive, but we handpick the varieties in our Andersons Select while the company that we source the grass seed from picks the varieties in the Magic Carpet blend. Our blend (Anderson’s Select) is more adapted to Cache Valley and our conditions and we have added variety in there to give it a little bit more variability. Some varieties will do better in sun, some will do better and shade, some have more drought-tolerant, some have more insects and disease resistance. And so we put a combination of five high-quality types of grass together in our mix that will be very adapted to our area here in Cache Valley. As you can see, the blades are very soft.

New Lawn Fertilizer

After you have your entire lawn seeded, be sure to apply Ferti-lome New Lawn Starter Fertilizer to ensure your new seeds have the required nutrition. Be sure that your fertilizer doesn’t have a preemergent as it will inhibit your new seeds. After fertilizing, be sure to add moisture to your new seeds.