How To Grow Perennials

During the early summer, we love being outdoors. After a long winter, we love heading outside to enjoy our garden. We have many perennials to choose from at Anderson’s Seed and Garden. We have some that love full sun, while others love some shade.

The great thing about perennials is they will continue to grow year after year. Plant them once and enjoy them for many seasons. Perennials tend to grow large after a few years, so sometimes we have to divide them and share them with our friends.

Perennials are great low maintenance plants. For most species, we can do some clean-up in the fall, and that’s all the attention the plant requires.

Perennials do not bloom all season long. Most varieties have a 3-4 week bloom period, and then you can enjoy the foliage for the rest of the season.

There are many types of perennial plants. Some prefer full summer sun while others are happy in the shade. For a complete list of perennial flowers for your garden, check out All My Favourite Flower Names .

Hostas are some great examples of perennials. They are found in many of our customer’s gardens. We have several varieties to choose from here at Anderson’s Seed and Garden, be sure to stop in today for the best selection.

Ferti-lome Gardeners Special

We recommend that you fertilize your perennials twice a year. A product like Feri-lome Gardeners Special is a great way to keep your plants looking great. They need that nutrition to create a strong root system and produce beautiful flowers. Feri-lome Start N Grow can also be used twice a year.