5 Steps For A Great Lawn

We get many questions here at Anderson’s Seed and Garden on how to create a beautiful and lush lawn. Since opening our doors in 1942, we have gathered some great tips and tricks to expert lawn care. The secret to a great looking lawn is year round consistent care. We have created a 5 Step guide for anyone who wants to improve their lawn.

1. March 15 - April 15

Early in the season is great time to start caring for you lawn. To ensure your lawn has the best start possible, we recommend using Ferti-lome Crabgrass Killer w/ Fertilizer. As the name suggests, this product prevents crabgrass growth and well as providing a great 20-0-3 fertilizer. For more info on fertilizers, click here.

Additionally, we suggest using Natural Guard Humate as a jump start to your lawn. The Humate is optional at this point but many customers have found great success with it. It acts as a growth stimulant by increasing the grass’s nutrient uptake and metabolism.

Pro Tip: At Anderson’s we recommend applying this product 2 -3 times per season for best results.

2. May 1 - June 1

By this point in the season your lawn has ‘woken up’ and will need some protection from other species of plants (weeds) . Ferti-lome Weed Free Zone provides great protection from ugly weeds.

We also recommend Hydretrain Root Zone moisture manager to help your grass keep hydrated and keep your rhizosphere healthy.

3. July 1 - August 1

Now that your lawn is in its summer stride, its time to apply Ferti-lome Southwest Greenmaker. A great 18-0-6 fertilizer, your lawn with thank you by taking on a rich green color.

This would also be a great time to apply Hi-Yield Grub Free Zone III. Grubs love to attack the lawn you’ve worked so hard on, so many customers see this as an “insurance policy” for your lawn.

Many gardeners find this is also a great time for a second application of Natural Guard Humate Granular Humate. This “plant supercharger” helps the grass build up energy for the winter, giving you a great start to a beautiful lawn next year.

4. Sept 1 - Oct 1

As we approach Labor day, we will want to apply Feri-lome Weed Free Zone again. Not only providing necessary nutrition, but Weed Free Zone will feed your protect your lawn from invasive grasses from taking root in your yard.

5. Oct 15 - Nov 30

As fall approaches, we recommend preparing your lawn for the following season. In our experience, Ferti-lome Winterizer is the simplest product to use.  This product increases stem strength and disease resistance to assist the plant in its winder hardiness.

Depending on your lawns needs, we recommend adding a few products to deal with specific issues. For our customers that notice issues with rodents, we recommend Feri-lome Mole Go. This product masde from Castor Oil, will repel moles, gophers, armadillos and ground hogs.

For our customers with extensive pest ( Mole, Vole, etc.) problems, we recommend hiring a professional to remove the problem. Logan Extermination provides expert care with organic/natural pest control products upon request. We also are happy to offer child/pet safe solutions as well. Contact us today !