Horticultural Oil Vs. Dormant Oil

Ferti-lome Horticultural Oil

  • Contains: 80% Mineral Oil (Highly Refined)
  • Has NO Temperature Restrictions.
  • Dormant: Will work if it freezes after the application dries. Growing Season: Will NOT burn plants when used at over 100° if plants are hydrated, (watered, not drought stressed).
  •  May be used on evergreens, will not remove waxy coating on needles.
  •  Also has surface fungus control properties.
  • This is your BEST Spidermite Control!
  • Apply any time of the year!

Both Oils control almost all stages of insects; eggs, nymphs and adults, by suffocation.

HY Dormant Spray

  • Contains: 98.8% Mineral Oil
  • Has Temperature Restrictions. Dormant: Use on a day over 50° where it doesn’t freeze for 24 hours afterwards.
    Growing Season: Will burn plants when used at or over 90°. Can burn, even if sprayed after dark if temp is over 90°.
  • May NOT be used on evergreens, it will remove the waxy coating on needles.
  • Has NO surface fungus control properties.
  • Apply in the Early Spring or Late Fall.

Always spray oils in the early morning.