How To Control Grubs

When dealing with grubs it can be helpful to be able to control them if you know what type of grubs/beetles they are.

Masked Chafer and Japanese Beetles go through a one year life cycle, emerging in early summer, laying eggs and hatching late July through August.

May/June Beetles go through a 3 year life cycle, emerging early May through June, laying eggs and hatching late June through July, living in the soil as a grub through the whole next year.

Grub Free Zone II

Contains .2% Imidacloprid, this is a systemic grub control. If applied in late May through early July it can control up to 98% of the grubs in your yard.

The 15lb bag covers 5,000 sq ft, 30lb covers 10,000 sq ft.

Grub Free Zone

Contains .5% Imidacloprid, a systemic insecticide. This has all of the advantages of the Grub Free Zone II, but since it is more than twice the strength it goes farther and is effective on more insects. This is why we keep it in the line.


Natural Guard Grub Control

This is strong enough to take care of tougher to control insects such as Billbugs and Crane Flies also has activity against Mole Crickets and Chinch Bugs.
May Also be applied around landscape plants such as trees, shrubs, flowers and more. 10lb bag covers 7,000 sq ft.