Adult fleas need a blood meal before mating. The female can live for 4 to 25 days and lays 30 to 50 eggs on the animal each day.
The eggs are NOT attached to the animal, so they fall off anywhere the animal goes, indoors or outdoors. Indoors the eggs hatch and the larvae will live deep in the carpet fibers, in cracks and crevices, or in the pets bedding. Outdoors, the larvae will usually be found in a shady area, wherever the animal spends time or frequents. The larvae feed on organic matter. After several stages the larvae pulpate and emerge as adults. Adults remain in the pulpa until stimulated by vibration and an increase in CO2, (this indicates a host is present) they immediately jump on host and start feeding.


When going after fleas around the house, a multi-faceted approach needs to be employed to have any effect. Anywhere the pet goes, including the pet, needs to be treated at or near the same time, this includes; inside the house, outside the house and pet bedding.

On the Pet – Use FL Indoor/Outdoor repeat every 2 weeks. Or HY Lawn, Garden, Pet & Livestock Spray repeat every 35 days. Or Garden, Pet and Livestock Dust repeat every three weeks. See the label for specific instructions for each product.

Indoors – Use FL Flying Insect Killer to spray rugs and carpets, focus on any cracks, crevices in walls, floors and baseboards repeat as needed for up to two weeks. Or use HY Kill-a-Bug II RTU in the same areas as before, also use this under the bedding, this leaves a longer residue, up to 2 weeks, two applications should be sufficient.

Pet Bedding – Remove and destroy old bedding, thoroughly clean other bedding. Use FL Flying Insect Killer to spray the sleeping area, paying special attention to cracks, crevices and wood work, also spray all of the interior of a doghouse, allow it to dry before letting the dog inside. Or use FL Indoor/Outdoor spray at the same areas except the inside of a doghouse.

Outdoors – Use HY Turf Ranger on large turf areas, where pets roam, concentrate on low traffic areas and shady areas where pets spend most of there time. Lightly water after application to activate product, repeat in 4 weeks. Spray the same areas with Broad Spectrum Insecticide RTS or HY Lawn, Garden, Pet & Livestock Spray repeat in 2 weeks. Never treat only one area, Always treat all areas and make follow-up applications at prescribed intervals.