Field Bindweed

Bindweed is a very persistent morning glory-type weed. It is a perennial weed that is a problem in gardens, flower beds, and the yard. It blooms white to an occasional pinkish color and has a distinctive arrowhead shaped leaf.

Bindweed can grow out across the ground up to 10 feet, forming tangled mats or it can climb like a vine, twining around other plants or climb up and over all kinds of things.

This weed reproduces by seed, cutting and by creeping roots. Each plant can produce up to 500 seeds that can remain viable in the soil up to 50 years.

The real strength of bindweed is its extensive root system. It can grow roots that will reach up to 33 feet laterally from each plant. Any break in or bud on those lateral roots can produce another plant. The roots can also grow as deep as 27 feet.


Bindweed isn’t a weed you can control by hand-pulling Field Bindweed unless you’re willing to devote years to the task. Hoeing to remove it actually helps it spread. Control usually involves a combination of chemicals both pre and post emergent.

Let’s start with a preventers:

In the lawn, Weed & Feed with Dimension or For All Seasons may be used. Repeat Weed & Feed with Dimension 3 to 4 months after the first. In the lawn and landscape (non-edibles) use Broadleaf Weed Control with Gallery last 8 months or H/Y Turf and Ornamental repeat 3 to 4 months later. In the vegetable garden or around edibles use H/Y Herbicide Granules and repeat every 6 to 8 weeks, May through August.


In the lawn Weed Free Zone, Turflon Ester or the most effective is Weed-Out with Crabgrass Killer (formerly Q). In the landscape, carefully apply KillZall, Turflon Ester or Brush & Stump Killer, avoid getting on the leaves of desirable plants. Spray using a cardboard shield or apply with a foam paint brush and dab on the leaves and stems. No post-emerge solution is available for use in the vegetable gardens at this time.


Apply a preventer in the spring and repeat as necessary. After the bindweed is under control, you will need to apply a preventer every year. Apply a post-emergent herbicide and repeat once a month the first year, every 6 weeks the second year and as needed the third year. Killzall works better in the spring and summer, Weed Free Zone in the spring and fall, Weed-Out with Crabgrass Killer in the summer and fall. Turflon Ester anytime of the year.